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Does anyone know where I can download Kyle's Neptune Pirate Radio interview?

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I'm not sure if anyone still checks this community, but I'm looking for the Kyle Gallner episode of Neptune Pirate Radio and I can't find it anywhere.

So I was wondering, does anyone here happen to have the podcast saved to their computer, or know where I can download it? no longer exists, and all the sites I've come across with download links appear to have hosted them on that domain. iTunes doesn't have the podcasts anymore, either. I know it's probably a long shot, but I'd never heard of the podcast before and I'm really interested in listening to it. I especially want to hear Kyle's interview, but I would also like to be able to download any and all of the other episodes.

If you happen to have contact information for any of the podcast creators, I'd appreciate that also.

I'm new to the community, by the way. I'm a huge Cassidy and Mac/Cassidy fan. :)

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Hi everyone

So this is my second attempt at making icons. I'm sorry in advance if there are any problems, I don't think there should be but just in case, I tend to screw things up some how :) lol

33# Gaspard Ulliel random photo shoots and public appearances, along with a variety of his films, mainly A Very Long Engagement and Hannibal Rising
11# Kyle Gallner photo shoot, Veronica Mars, Big Love and Medium
21# Movie: Love me if you dare or, mostly Guilliam Canet and
3# Nathan Haley from One tree Hill

68 icons in total

Butterfly texture seen in #1 and #48  where made by: heartthepretty
Texture seen in #2, #3, #4, #7, #10 where made by:
texture seen in #6, #8, #15, #25, #40 where made by: candycrack
texture  seen in  #35 was made by: lovexfetish


{fringe} lincoln; time after time

Fic; Seven Year Old Boys and Double Dares

Title: Seven Year Old Boys and Double Dares
Author: finkpishnets
Rating: PG
Characters: Cassidy, Dick, Logan, Duncan
Word Count: 590
A/N: Written for cassidy_day. Not very well written, but written none the less. Please ignore...well, everything about it because it was literally written in ten minutes, but I've missed too many days to not write something :)

“Nu-uh! I saw her bra,” his big brother, Dick, exclaimed loudly, drawing disapproving looks from the old women at the next table.
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DW: Rose

Cassidy day fic

Title: O villain, villain, smiling, damned villain
Author: orangesky33
Fandom: Veronica Mars
Characters: Cassidy; Veronica, Logan, Mac, Dicks large and small, etc.
Rating: I suppose hard PG-13 (a little language, one instance of sexuality, and negative/dark content)
Summary: Cassidy considers his surrounding world.
Word Count: 1,091-ish
Spoilers: 2x22!
Disclaimer: Not mine; I'm just wearing the "Rob pants" for my own pleasure (Dirrty!). Oh, and I don't own Hamlet or Jacques Preppernau, who is hellopoe's boy toy of yore and makes a tiny appearance. Hee. Nothing super spectacular, sadly, though.
A/N: Just a little something for cassidy_day. A quickie, not a longie, so don't let the Hamlet title fool, this is not Shakespeare. And MUCH thanks to the fabulous and sweet rigel_7 for the beta job, which was incredibly helpful (even if I lagged around and didn't correct it all that quickly).
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DW: Rose

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Title: Domesticated
Author: orangesky33
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Cassidy; Cassidy/Mac and a tiny ounce of Dick and Sean
Rating: I'd say strong PG-13 or R, just for safety’s sake.
Word count: 982
Spoilers: 2x22 "Not Pictured"
Warning: I am dealing with everything "NP" unveiled about Cassidy's character, so if you want to only remember earlier elements of his characterization, you won't be scarred from reading this or anything, but, fair warning, it’s the whole shebang. The appearance of dark themes and one instance of language influenced the rating.
Author Note's: Written for Cassidy's day. ;) Unbeta-ed, so any mistakes are my own damn fault.

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View From Below (Cassidy) PG (1/1)

Title: View From Below 1/1
Author: Kayla
Rating: PG (some language) 
Word Count: 300
Summary: Cassidy may be dead, but he's still thinking about everyone he left behind.
Characters: Cassidy. Mentions of Mac, Veronica, Logan, Dick...and a vague reference to Mac/Dick that you may not pick up on.
Spoilers/Warnings: 2x22 (Not Pictured)
A/N: For cassidy_day. Also, unbeted and probably horrible, but I wanted to write something for this community. 

You know you realized too late what you had become and maybe, just maybe that you could have stopped yourself.
{fringe} lincoln; time after time

Fic: Shiny Red Bikes of Happiness

Title: Shiny Red Bikes of Happiness
Author: finkpishnets
Fandom: Veronica Mars
Characters: Cassidy, Dick, Big Dick.
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None
Word Count: 405
A/N: Written for cassidy_day. I wrote this very quickly because I was desperate to post something this Friday, thus, ignore the spelling & grammer mistakes and the general rushed appearence. I have decided that I adore young Cassidy and Dick though. Feedback is adored almost as much as Kyle Gallner.

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